Friday, October 9, 2009

Iran Threatens to Wipe Out Israel; I Call B.S.

Iran's loud-mouths are trying to rattle their tiny little sabers to scare real warriors from bringing on well-deserved DOOM onto Iran from the skies.

Cleric Whatever-His-Name-Is of the Revolutionary Guard whines that if a single American or Israeli missile hits Iran, Iranian missiles will hit Israel before the dust settles.

He says that Iran will ""blow up the heart of Israel" if attacked by either country.

I call B.S.

Iran is trying to intimidate both Israel and the US. Of course the only one they actually WILL intimidate is Jimmy Carter II, alias Barack Obama, who will pee all over his new Nobel Peace Prize (another farce of farces).

But as for the US military or the Israeli military, Iran's threat simply will not happen. Not a single Iranian missile will land on Israeli soil. The Iranians have wayy overestimated their capabilities and wayy underestimated our own and that of the Israelis.

Both Israel and the US will have some unpleasant surprises for the satanic ayatollahs, mullahs and insane politicians from Iran which will show that Iran is fighting in the wrong century.

And these loudmouths will be left to hear the news that all of their missiles have been destroyed, all their radar stations have been knocked out, all their aircraft destroyed, all their nuclear plants destroyed, and, oh, yeah, Ahmadinejad's house was also visited by a 2,000 lb. JDAM.

The hateful mad men who run Iran will finally get what they have been deserving since 1979.

And the world will rejoice.

Good bye, Iran.

Read the whole story here.

Or, better yet, HERE.

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