Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The morning after...

So this morning there is wailing and gnashing of teeth in the lame-stream media.  It's fun watching them scramble after they had to toss out all of the stories I'm sure they had planned for today.  Just think of all of those lovely stories about how Hillary rose above all of the challenges to become the first woman elected president in spite of Trump being such a bully that are frantically being deleted 

On GMA, one of their big stories is about how to talk to your children after this election and what to say about how terrible it was. They have a psychiatrist on talking about how to help your precious little snowflake deal with the disappointment of the election.  My kids have been exposed to politics all their lives.  I remember coming home the night Paul Wellstone was elected to hear from my then 2 year old son "that's the naughty man who steals mommy and daddy's pennies."  Fast forward today to the 22 year old young man who proudly voted for Trump and was texting me half the night with updates.  My 17 year old daughter is dragging today at school as she was up until after one this morning waiting for results.  Yesterday the 18 year old seniors at her school were proudly walking around with Trump signs to let everyone know who they voted for-what a great thing to know that even though your state didn't go for Trump, the first time you voted you were on the winning side of a historical event.

Here are some of the lessons my daughter learned from this election:  Think for yourself-you can't trust everything you hear from the media-you have to look deeper  at the motives behind their message.  Just because someone is a woman (or whatever you identify with) doesn't mean you have to vote with her.  Standards and character are more important than race/gender/orientation.  Your lies will catch up with you.  Think before you tweet.  Emails never go away.  Every vote does count.  Be yourself-even if you are brash and may put your foot in your mouth, at least you are being honest and don't have to try to remember the story you told last time. Be gracious when you win.  Don't ever wear suits that would look better on a Kirby.

No Trump wasn't my first choice but as the campaign went along I realized he was the best choice.  Hillary would have steam-rollered my original pick-Trump was what we needed now!  We've been given a second chance-don't blow it!

In a side note: They just had a commercial for Starbucks with the message that the red cup is coming. I think the red cup has arrived...

My closing warning (hope?) for today: Get out of the way so you're not trampled by the exodus of disappointed celebrities. Good bye and  don't let the screen door hit you on your way out.

WE are the Deplorables and our voice has been heard!

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