Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Donald Trump: The New Sheriff in Town

Liberals are going through Kleenex boxes faster than Barack Obama is shredding paper. Canada's immigration website crashed under the volume of lawbreakers looking for another country's laws to break. Collaborating media types are whining and blaming everyone but their sorry traitorous selves, who all supported the unConstitutional power grab of King Barack the Last and tried to steal the election so that his successor, Hillary Clinton would continue the reign. George Soros is crapping in his depends. Cockroaches of all flavors are scrambling to flee or making attempts to cover their tracks. Why? Well, it is all because the new sheriff just showed up at the edge of town and he's about to walk in and take over. And the darkness hates it.

Imagine what it is going through the illegal immigrant Mexican's head...he now knows he will soon be HELD ACCOUNTABLE. He will actually get arrested and sent to jail for several years. What is he going to do? He will likely flee back to Mexico on his own in the next two months. And he will bring millions with him. Because the new sheriff doesn't play.

Imagine what the BLM murderers are thinking...they now know their days are also numbered and the cross-hairs will soon be pointed back at them. They will likely scatter and dissipate and try to live like they were never involved.

And what if you're ISIS? You are making plans to sink lower and dig deeper and bury yourself further underground.

Barack Obama's legacy just crashed and burned like we all prayed it would. The fact that he will be charged, tried, convicted and executed for treason is simply icing on the cake. But he has a dilemma, how does he get out of the USA when Donald Trump is sworn in? My dream is that two seconds after Donald Trump is sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, he pulls an arrest warrant out of his pocket and orders law enforcement to arrest Barry the Usurper.

Hillary Clinton could also be executed for treason (remember her and Barack switched sides on the War on Terror in 2011) but she will likely just go to prison for her Clinton Foundation criminality.

And everybody is singing a different tune. Donald Trump not only beat the Democrats, he also beat the Republican establishment; he beat BOTH parties.  But it wasn't Trump, it was us - We the People - who yearned for the movement which Trump tapped in to. And now Democrats and Republican establishment colluders are all trying to figure out how to spin their own actions, how to seemingly re-align themselves for their very political existence. They are all reeling. But we don't care. Let them die on the vine of an abandoned field because the new sheriff has new plans and we will be moving forward with new vision. Because one of the things about this election was that everyone's cards were out on the table.  The element of where you really stand was revealed.  There is no hiding now for the enemies of the Constitution. They are laid bare for all to see and they now have zero credibility in this new frontier.

Aside from the coming enforcement of laws, the prosecution of lawlessness including the former Ruling Class, it is an interesting exercise to wonder who President Trump will use to assist him in his task. Personally I think he will tap Sarah Palin to be Secretary of State. And that would be a good choice. I like Sheriff Joe for Attorney General if Trump puts Mark Levin in the Supreme Court. Otherwise, maybe Levin fits in as Attorney General. Then Sheriff Joe leads the FBI. Or maybe Mikwaukie's Sheriff David Clarke would lead the FBI. He will also likely use such allies as Ben Carson, Mike Huckabee, Rudy Guilianni and Trump's buddy Chris Christie at some levels. Regardless Trump is a solid decision maker and smart. He will use only talented and proven people. And he will put the right people in the right places.

This is a good day. It was the prayer of many that God would bring down the principalities raised up against Him. Those principalities are George Soros, globalists, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, progressives, Democrats, liberals and communists. They all are raised up against God and many prayed that God would bring them down. Well, last night's miraculous election was a severe strike in that direction.

And America's future is brighter today because of it. Perhaps God might see fit to make America great again.

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