Friday, September 2, 2016

Evil George Soros' Agenda is Obama's Agenda

The day before Barack Hussein Obama was sworn into office as pResident of the United States this blog wrote an article exposing Obama's puppet master, evil George Soros, and warning about the perils that would come if this unholy marriage of demigod and despot were allowed to continue.

Not only was this blog right on in the assessment that America would become Soros' canvas for his planetary social experiments but those claims have been validated dozens of times in the years since and notably in recent weeks with all the revelations about Soros' involvement in every aspect of the current world-wide turmoil, mostly through his Open Society Foundation.

Before re-posting that article from 2009 because I want to say I told ya so,  I thought it would be helpful to demonstrate some of what Soros agenda was and how it is identical to what we've had shoved down our throats ever since from the bastard Barack Obama:

- Obamacare - Soros' agenda. Written by Soros' people. Implemented by Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Peloshe's Ugly.
- 'Economic Recovery Plan' - Soros' agenda to burden American with overwhelming debt. Implemented by King Barry.
- Arab Spring -  Soros' baby. De-stabalize the middle east, create a 'refugee situation' which would be 'solved'  by mass immigration to the West. Implemented by Sultan B. Hussein Obama and his murdering crony Hillary Clinton.
- Open borders - All Soros. He funds this from top to bottom. Implemented by Senor Barack Obama and all the Democrats and globalist RINOs.

And the list goes on and on and on. EVERYTHING that George Soros wanted became Barack Obama's agenda. Their agendas are identical. What we have had forced on us is the Soros-Obama Agenda. And the propaganda media doesn't whisper a word about this sedition. The media are collaborators and equally guilty of Soros' subversion and Obama's treason.

Additionally Soros is behind the efforts to get Hillary elected. (Hillary's daughter's wedding was held on George Soros' property!) Hillary is also a shill for Soros. (Oh, did I mention how Soros is also funding BLM? Nothing but cherries on this cake!)

Don't believe me? Where have you been? Google 'Open Society Foundation'. Then weep. Then find a Democrat and 'thank' him. This is on them as well. Each and every one.

Now I would like to take you back to the RightHooks article from 2009 called 'Obama Called Soros Every Day'. Besides the general warnings there was an interesting fact presented in that article. And that fact was that on the run up to his election and after, Obama placed daily calls to his puppet master, George Soros. How do I know this? Well, it was one of those I know someone who knows someone things. I ask a lot of questions. I meet people. Some people have interesting backgrounds. Some people's backgrounds involve some sneaky things we did in the past. And then I actually spoke face to face with the person who witnessed Obama's calls to Soros first-hand. There were no emails. There were no phone conversations. There was just a conversation in a parking lot.

Here then, over seven years later, is a re-posting of the article that stated plainly where America was going if Obama was allowed to stay in office:

Obama Called Soros 'Every Day'

If you haven't yet read's bio on ba-zillionaire elitist-socialist George Soros yet, you should; all of it.

Because he is now your daddy.

For, the United States of America is about to be handed to him on the silver platter of his own fashioning, named Barack Obama, in tomorrow's Presidential Inaugaration.

If you doubt this, do fifteen minutes of research and you will see what you should have known before Soros manipulated you into voting for his puppet, Obama.

And if you think that this is just hearsay, just another radical conservative voice, consider this: RightHooks investigative team has learned that Senator Obama was calling George Soros every day for a significant period of time in 2008.

I hope you re-read that. In case you didn't, let me say it again, Senator Barack Obama made personal telephone calls to George Soros EVERY DAY over a significant period of time during his 2008 presidential campaign.*

If this doesn't shake you to your roots, you have no roots, and it also means that you didn't read all of discoverthenetworks' bio on George Soros. So now would be a good time to understand exactly who Mr. Soros is so that you can understand what a significant piece of information this is.

For what on earth would possess a man running for President of the United States of America to make daily, private, personal calls to openly subversive, anti-American, treasonous traitors like George Soros? Unless he was in Soros' pocket.

Furthermore, not only did Soros give Obama daily advice and direction, but Soros also told associates to pull money from their banks because something was going to happen to the banks*...this was in the summer of 2008.

How did Soros know this unless it was he and his fellow elite-stooges pulled the strings to facilitate such a collapse? Certainly there was evidence of such an economic attack which was briefly reported and appeared here in Righthooks, but Soros' other child, the mainstream media, never uttered a word about such a conspiracy.

And why would Soros manipulate the market to crash in his 'October Surprise' unless it was to create the impression that the Republicans caused the meltdown, thus strengthening Obama's hand?

Well, let's let George Soros answer that question for himself; as outlined in the above-named bio, Soros said in a 2003 interview that he "declared that derailing the President's reelection bid in 2004 "is the central focus of my life ... a matter of life and death." "America under Bush," he said, "is a danger to the world, and I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is." "

And when Soros lost the 2004 election, how do you suppose such a defeat made him feel? Do you think he might have had some money left over? Do you think he might have had strong motivations to get involved in the 2008 election? Well, if you do, where do you think he put his money and efforts?

All of this you can find out for yourself if you look. But if you want to remain blind, by all means, do so; just don't wonder where your country went when you wake up one day and see that it has CHANGED, for that's what you voted for. Because if you voted for Barack Obama, you voted for George Soros to be the most powerful man in the world.

*Such information comes directly from the mouth of one who was a witness to these things inside the very home of George Soros in Long Island,NY, and has been uncovered by Righthooks. The unnamed witness saw/heard Obama's daily phone calls to Soros as well as heard Soros tell his associates to take their money out of the banks. Righthooks occassionally uses sarcasm and satire to make a point in some posts, but this post is not an attempt at sarcasm or satire; RightHooks firmly and confidently stands behind the statements by the witness, as to what the witness saw and heard, as being absolutely and unequivocaly true.

And guess what? We're there..

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