Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Trump or the Depths of Tragedy

I haven't been to this, my own blog, in years. When I started it in 2008, it was as a warning about the disasters which would unfold if America allowed Democrats and Barack Obama to continue to have positions of power in this country. I also screamed loudly about the dangers of unbridled liberalism and the scourge of Islam.

Early on I recruited a prolific co-author named, 'Ben' whom I ran into online but never met. Ben knew a LOT about the truths and wickedness of Islam, always quoting original Islamic sources, and had other sites of his own. He agreed to co-post to this site and he did. One or two of his own sites was eventually banned by the state of Pakistan because of their effective potency.

But both of our voices fell on deaf ears. Congress caved and allowed the Usurper-in-Chief to thrive in his path of lawlessness completely unchecked. Obama used the institutions of government to persecute his political dissenters. The compliant media collaborators, now exposed as the propaganda arm of globalist fascists, continued to run interference for Obama's un-American, unlawful and un-Consititutional agenda. Corruption, blackmail, manipulation, sedition, tyranny, oppression and betrayal have been regular tactics of Obama's evil empire.

So I stopped posting when I felt the country would never catch on. I suppose Ben thought I died. Ben continued to post by himself for years. Now I see his last post was in December, 2014. I wonder if he has since died.

But all of our warnings have came true. What we shouted eight years ago is now common knowledge in the public arena's regular discourse (unless, of course you are a brain-dead liberal who remains willfully blind to the gun pointed at your head.) The issues Ben and I brought up are discussed daily on Facebook across the country and in every news cast in every news cycle.

I would encourage the reader to use Ben's provocative and authoritative postings on this blog as a resource to further expose Islam as the wickedness it is. Ben used nothing but original sources, which he knew better than most Muslims. That is, he only used their authoritative sources to prove his points.  Therefore his writings are not just 'opinions', they are taken from Muslim texts. The country would have benefited by utilizing Ben eight years ago. He was the rare American authority on Islam.

So here we are now, pre-election season in 2016. The stakes are empirical. It is a winner take all battle. If Trump wins, America wins. The ship will be righted. If Hillary the Liar wins, America loses; we will be cast into multiplicities of tragedy which have depths we have not known, and which we will not otherwise recover from. And so the revolution will begin.


Anonymous said...

We want (need) more RightHooks!!! Good to see you back.

RightHooks said...

OK, I'll write some more. Will provide an update of a critical article I posted in 2009 about evil George Soros.