Friday, November 25, 2011

Occupy's Unsurprising Direct Link to Islam

As we have stated repeatedly on this blog, that the godless liberal's goals usually play right into the hands of Islamic terrorists goals, now there is undeniable proof.

For in Florida, the founder of the Occupy movement there just happens to be a CAIR (Council of American Islamic Relations) Director as well!

Of course we all know that CAIR has been ruled in a U.S. court to be an indicted co-conspirator for getting caught funding terrorism.

And we know that their agenda is the overthrow of the United States Constitution, which should of course label them as enemy combatants and they should be confronted by our military (or, in this case, National Guard) and dealt with accordingly.

At the very least they should be identified as the propaganda arm of an enemy militaristic ideology, outlawed and arrested.

So now we have irrefutable proof of the collusion of the Occupy sheep and the terrorist enemy.

For WorldNetDaily has uncovered the story. Read it here.

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