Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hey Liberals! Can You Feel It Slipping?

In probably the only time I will ever link to an article on CNN, I thought it suitable, if not deliciously ironic, in light of today's election news and the Tea Party's victory after victory, to post such news from a source that hates admitting it. You know, kind of like Eli Manning going on national television and confessing that the Dallas Cowboys are better than his Giants, or something (which I do not necessarily agree with.)

Yes, we will link to a CNN (Communist News Network) article which, however painful it was to write and publish, actually demonstrates that the ground swell of we the people is winning key elections around the country. That story is here.

Which begs the questions to all the liberal/progressive/socialist/stupid Americans, including all the old media institutions...."Hey guys! Can you feel it slipping? Can you feel those walls closing in? Can you hear the ice start to crack under your feet? Are things starting to crumble? Can you yet read the writing on the wall?

Because CNN's article (or the Tea Party wins, themselves) to you are sounds of the ominous, overwhelming and powerful waves of American will headed directly in your path. Yes, by the time it reaches you it will be a category 5 hurricane, with tornadoes by the hundreds, tearing up the make-believe, fantasy world of socialist utopia you have been creating for forty years.

It will shred the relative morality which you call 'right' and expose it as the sinful lie that it is.

It will destroy the alleged class-warfare that you made up, showing that America still rewards hard work and does not reward sloth.

It will annihilate your elitist big-government dream which you lied to be able to unleash, because we recognize it for the monster you and it are.

Yes, it is all slipping through your hands like sand at the beach; We the People are standing up, walking down the aisle toward the microphone, and are about to SPEAK.

You will sit down. You will shut up. And you will listen.

Or else.

Because guess what?

Daddy's coming home. He's got a belt in his hand. And he ain't so happy with you...

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