Saturday, September 11, 2010

Are Koran-Burners 'Haters' or Heroes?

With such adjectives as 'hate-filled fanatic,' 'hothead,' and 'zealot,' the liberal dhimmi press describes a man who burned part of a Koran near Ground Zero on September 11, 2010.

While the planner of the mosque near ground zero claims that he is trying to 'bridge-build' with Americans, and a number of interviewed muslims expressed how horrible it was for the Koran-burner to participate in such an act, no one in the media seems too upset that muslims around the globe are currently burning American flags once again.

Yes, the liberals are so quick to call Christians, 'haters,' and yet at the same time are totally oblivious to who the real haters are and what motivates them. These blind media-types have no qualms about accusing Americans who identify the Islamic threat and are willing to stand up to it 'radicals,' and 'hate-mongers,' yet the same liberals go widely out of their way to keep from the appearance of 'offending' a muslim!

But it is the muslim who is commanded in the Koran to conquer the world in the name of Islam, killing, enslaving, stealing and destroying anything that is not Islam, not the American Christian who simply can see the threat and has enough fortitude to stand up against it's advancement in this country.

Meanwhile, the lame, liberal reporters are bending over backwards, or forwards, telling the muslim to go ahead and do whatever you want.

So on 911, only nine years after Islam's satanic attack against innocent American civilians in this country, the liberals have completely forgotten about the horrific event, have been blinded to it's evil, and are willing to give ground over to those who attacked us, our enemies.

There are hardly words for this type of idiocy.

I watched some a$$hole on ABC's Nightline interview the Florida pastor who was going to burn korans on 911. This sad excuse of an American looked way down his nose at the pastor, speaking down to him in a berating fashion asking such stupid questions as, "Pastor, why are you acting out of hate?"

Yes, the pastor who recognizes evil and is willing to stand up against it was being lectured by a moron of a reporter who does not seem to see the hate toward Americans around the world among muslims. Where has this amateur been, hiding in a hole?

And with the condescending tone and pretentiousness of having the moral high ground, this tool asks the pastor, "Yes, pastor, but didn't Jesus say to turn the other cheek and love, not hate?"

My question is, why is this liberal puke invoking Scripture, and the Jesus of Scripture? Where does he get off suddenly pulling out a quote from the Bible to use as a weapon with which to beat on this pastor? If he REALLY believed in the Scripture, he would already have known the answer, would be burning a koran himself and would never have exposed his pettiness to the pastor on national television.

I mean is the hypocrisy not blatantly obvious that a person who scoffs at the Bible would suddenly pull out a quote from it to beat one of God's children with?

It is therefore quite clear that both the liberals (including the Kenyan in the Oval Office) and the muslims are on the same side - they are both Evil acting against or even fighting against Truth, Good, God and God's people, the Christians and Jews.

That reporter's comments seemed pretty hateful to me. As did the descriptions of the liberal reporters who commented on the ground zero koran-burner...all were filled with hate, yet were accusing the courageous of being motivated by hate.

No, it is the muslims who are motivated by hate - their 'holy books' require such - and it is the brave Christian and other patriotic Americans who can call a threat a threat, and are unwilling to give this country over to treasonous muslims. So they stand up to the scourge that is Islam.

And we will continue to stand up against it, not to appease it, until we breathe our last breaths. We will not concede one more inch and will resist it in every form and every way everwhere in this country.

Muslims do NOT have positive intentions for America and are NOT interested in our welfare. They are lying to us, deceiving us and only the dupe liberals are believing it. For if the Muslims were really interested in 'building bridges' between the two faiths, they would be APPEALING TO SAUDI ARABIA TO BUILD CHURCHES THERE!

And until churches are allowed in Saudi Arabia, and both muslims and liberals are advocating such, don't talk to me about 'haters,' 'fanatics,' and 'zealots,' for all those types are currently burning American flags.

And the more they are incited, the more it proves the darkness that lives in their hearts, all of which comes from the satanic 'religion' of Islam.

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