Thursday, August 20, 2009

Obama is a Communist

It is plain and simple.

Barack Obama ran for election as a member of the Communist party.

It was called the New Party which was really the Democratic Socialist Party.

And now he's bringing in more hard core Communists.

Read the ugly truth here at WorldNetDaily.


Ema Nymton said...


Domestic "christian" Terrorist,

Thank you for the blinding flash of the obvious. But sadly he is not.

Mr Obama is a fully paid for servant of the US Corporate Party. The people would be better served if Mr Obama were a "Communist."

Given that there is absolutely no alternative offered by the Republicant Party, the people can only hope to force Mr Obama nad his administration to do the right thing, universal free health care for all.


RightHooks said...


You are a liar.

There is no way that you served in the United States Armed forces and ended up a Communist.

Military people do not become Communists because they are educated to reality...unlike you.