Monday, October 31, 2016

Surprising October surprise

We got our October surprise this weekend, albeit not the one most of us were expecting.  I'm sure most of us thought the dems would come up with some more wild stories about Trump so that he would have to spend his remaining time before the election trying to refute them rather than focusing on the real issues that the people want to hear his solutions for. 
In an unexpected announcement, we learned that the FBI is again looking at Hillary’s emails after 650,000 emails were found on Weiner’s laptop that he had shared with Huma.

Hillary started out her response to this with more lies.  She whined that they only sent it to Republicans.  Of course it was addressed to Republicans-they are the chairmen of the congressional committees!  She conveniently missed the second page of the letter that shows Comey also sent the letter to ranking democrats on the same committees.  She went on to say that this release of information was unprecedented and never before had something like this happened so close to an election.

Hillary must still be suffering the same memory loss from her concussion that kept cropping up in her previous interviews with the FBI.  Wasn’t there another presidential candidate who benefitted from a very similar situation when charges were filed against his opponent a week before the election‽‽‽  24 years ago a special prosecutor brought new charges in the Iran Contra affair against a staff member of the incumbent president, George H. W. Bush.  His opponent, the original Clinton liar jumped on it with a claim that he was running against a “culture of corruption” and "it demonstrates that President Bush knew and approved of President Reagan's secret deal to swap arms for hostages." 

Does any of this sound familiar? Of course Hillary’s screaming about this happening.  We all know what that election turned out!  She can’t turn her back on Huma at this point-they’ve been together long enough that Huma knows where all the bodies are buried (probably literally)?  It will be interesting to see how this one unfolds.  The media can't ignore this even though they are doing everything they can to soften the importance of this.

It looks like the Clinton dynasty may crash the same way it soared.  Karma is a bitch!

Make sure it happens-get out there and vote for Trump!


Ben said...

This is only an educated guess, do not bet the farm on it.
I suspect that Huma will sign a plea agreement before Nov 8, throwing herself under the campaign bus, taking the heat off Hillary in anticipation of her coronation followed by a pardon.

RightHooks said...

Ben, I thought they might offer Huma immunity for her testimony...until I remembered that it is the corrupt DOJ and the corrupt or compromised FBI would be the ones to offer such a thing and since they are in the tank for Obama/Hillary, it ain't gonna happen. So I agree, Huma gives a Mea Culpa this week, taking all the heat. And a pardon is certainly within range of either Obama or Hillary, however, I think Trump is going to win it.

The other thing I am wondering is if Trump wins, will Obama leave the country? I bet he does. But he'd better leave the country before Trump takes office because Trump cold have him arrested on the spot as soon as he takes the oath of office. That would be nice.