Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Blacks Beat Whites Again in Milwaukee Hate Crimes

Jessie Jackson, where are you? Al Sharpton? Rev. Jeremiah Wright? Where are these self-appointed 'Apostles' against racism today as white Milwaukee Fourth of July goers depart hospital rooms with staples, stitches and bandages for their wounds?

Yes, a mob of young black, I said BLACK people looted a BP station near the park where the fireworks were going on and then proceeded to flash-mob-beat every white person they could run into, spewing racial epitaphs and laughing and eating potato chips as the white victims lay helplessly bleeding from severe beatings.

This is CLEARLY a racially-motivated 'Hate Crime.' Yet where are the defenders against racism? Where are they?

The answer is that they are hiding. They are not speaking out. Which clearly demonstrates the sickening double standard the liberals and nanny state proponents have created. Yes, the black leaders mentioned above are themselves racists if they do not speak out against this, and we should, therefore, never give them a platform again upon which to spew their hypocritical hate.

The victims were many. And once the black thugs beat a person to the ground, they reached into the victim's pockets like grubbing monkeys for cell phones, wallets and tore backpacks off of the bleeding young men and young women. Yes, these courageous black young men punched white females directly and repeatedly in the face.

And the Milwaukee police did not even take statements or names of the victims.

If Milwaukee wants a race war, they had better be careful for what they ask for. There are about 600,000 licensed, armed hunters in the state, plus another million who have firearms but do not hunt. Most of these people are white. Do heavily-armed citizen groups need to patrol the streets of the black communities to keep them from such crime sprees? The Milwaukee police certainly are not interested in protecting white people. The black community evidently does not care. So the white Wisconsinites are left to measures of self defense against black mob-attacks, aren't they?

This episode is sickening. The double standard stops right here, right now. Every man and woman has the right to defend themselves and there has never been a stronger case as to why law-abiding citizens should be carrying weapons to protect themselves from people who think this type if hideous crime is acceptable.

Milwaukee better have some heavy-duty, in-depth and thorough investigations into this matter and bring each and every one of these BLACK punks to justice, or justice will prevail in other ways. The law enforcement arm of the Milwaukee government is not paid to look the other way. They are not paid to forget about justice for victims. If they are negligent in bringing justice to these white victims, then the Milwaukee Police Department and the Milwaukee government IS the enemy. For injustice will not be tolerated by a civil people.

If you want to see mobs and riots, go ahead and try to push this one under the carpet. These were deliberate and blatant racial hate crimes. And if they are allowed to stand, well, then apparently racial hate crimes are permitted.

But don't complain when the next time these black thugs decide to attack innocent white people and fifty of the young black punks are sprayed all over the lawn by heavily armed white law-abiding citizens protecting themselves from gross lawlessness.

SOMEBODY better start prosecuting these black youths and charge them with hate crimes immediately and aggressively, because injustice seethes. And white people have now had enough. Armed white people will not tolerate any more of this double-standard: the black man can do no wrong, it's always whitey's fault - nonsense. You want to attack and perpetuate an unprovoked, racial hate crime against white people? Well, be prepared to receive two in the chest and one in the head for your lawless troubles.

And then there better not be any whining. For white people will NO LONGER BE THE VICTIMS OF BLACK CRIME.

And isn't it interesting that the very party that freed African-Americans from the scourage of slavery, the Republican party, the party of Lincoln, was STARTED right there in Wisconsin.

And isn't it interesting that a Wisconsin regiment passing though Kentucky on the way further south to fight for the freedom of black people, accepted slaves within their lines and protected them at the point of the bayonet from the slaves 'owners' and local law enforcement. Wisconsin whites have long abhorred racism and slavery, historically showing the deepest respect for all of God's children.

But these German, Polish, Norwegian and Dutch immigrants, though very slow to anger, will, when aroused, bring a righteous wrath upon those who perpetuate and participate in lawless racial hate crimes against them with an iron will, an immoveable determination, and a strength these black punks cannot fathom.

This injustice had better not stand, this lawlessness had better not stand, these racial hate crimes had better not stand or a race war is just around the corner. If this is what the black community wants, well, then, just do nothing.

If, however, there is a person in the black community with a brain, he or she will make every effort to bring these thugs to justice and demonstrate that such lawlessness is indeed not tolerated within the black community, which, ultimately, we know has to be the case. But it will take black leadership to stand up and speak out against lawlessness, racial hate crimes and join with other law-abiding citizens to hold these black punks accountable.

If they do not stand up for right, then they will see might. For whites will NO LONGER BE THE VICTIMS OF BLACK CRIMES and WILL DEFEND THEMSELVES. And lethal force will not be off the table.

See the entire article here.

UPDATE: July 7, 2011...
Big kudos to the mothers of four or five perpetrators of the BP station robbery, who saw video on television and called the police to turn their own children in. Those youths have been arrested including some young as 13 and some females. This is great evidence that lawlessness will also not be tolerated within the adult black community. Refreshing and encouraging to learn. See the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's new story here.


Ema Nymton said...


Domestic "christian" Terrorist,


Now you are speaking for 'white people?'

Ema Nymton

Anonymous said...

Yes ema! He is pretty much speaking for all white people, I take it your not one. Be advised, all bets are off now! Take control of your youth or we will. This is the last and only warning you will recieve!

RightHooks said...

Once again, Ema, you missed the point entirely.

sandy said...

Can't civilize thugs!