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Innocence of Muslims Update: Zbigniew Brzezinski Spews Feces

Innocence of Muslims Update: Zbigniew Brzezinski Spews Feces Bare Naked Islam embeded this video in which Zbigniew Brzezinski calumniated Innocence of Muslims and its creator. I want you to view the video, carefully consider what Brzezinski said, and then view Innocence of Muslims.    The references you need to verify the truthfulness of the trailer are listed below, and fully laid out in another post linked at the end of this post. 

George Washington:

If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.

The right of free speech is essentially necessary for the preservation of our other rights. Without it, we are sunk.  We must tell the malignant mischief makers who demand censorship of Islam's critics to go directly to Hell.  I therefore ask all citizens of the  United States of America who read this blog post to sign these petitions which will send emails to your Representative & Senators.  We must demand the preservation of the right of free speech and the outlawing of Islam which demands its destruction and our enslavement.

  • Morsi:  intelligient & moderate
    •  Islam is extreme; it is impossible to be Muslim and moderate because Allah requires total submission and absolute obedience. 2:85 rules out selectivity, Islam is a package deal; Muslims can not reject genocidal, terrorist conquest.
  • Point valid: Not entirely freedom of speech: responsibility.
  • Example, yelling fire in a crowded theater.
    • What if there is a fire in the theater?  If so, and one was aware of it without sounding the alarm, would he not bear responsibility for resulting death and injury?
  • Conspiracy?
    • Who conspired, for what purpose, and what evidence?   Brzezinski offers only innuendo and slimy smear, no relevant, verifiable evidence of conspiracy or malignant motivation.
  • Anonymous creators: 
    • Credibility is a function of content, not  identity.   Is it unwise to want to avoid fatwa  and murder attempts?
  • "Crazy Pastor"
    • Slander, innuendo and slimy smear, conduct unbecoming a retired official.
  • Intent? "Clearly to provoke violence--killings.".
    • Prove it. Because the content of the video is factually sound, verifiable through Islam's canonical texts, it is obvious that the intent was to inform and arouse the audience, to provoke them to political action, not mob violence. 
    • Islamic violence is undertaken on Islamic initiative, not provoked! Hedaya 2:9:1:141.

    The video says something about conditions in Egypt: that the indigenous Christian minority suffers assault, murder and malicious destruction of property with impunity and official complicity.  Is that message true or false?

    The video describes Moe as a lunatic who feared that his encounter was demonic and tried to commit suicide.  Did he fear madness? Did he run to his wife asking her to hide him? Did he contemplate suicide? 

    The video describes Moe as a womanizing lecher who married the six year old daughter of his best friend and engaged in adultery with his wife's slave girl. Did that really happen?


    The video shows Moe declaring that the infidel's were to be killed, their property spoiled; widows and orphans to be enslaved. Was he a barbarian warlord or wasn't he?  Did he engage in genocide or didn't he? Did he engage in extortion or didn't he?  For the answers to these crucial questions, I direct you to two  blog posts containing the details with links to Islamic source texts:

    The video depicts Moe as putting words in Allah's mouth: issuing situational scripture to sanction every evil he wanted to engage in.  Did he do that?  The video shows Moe conversing with a donkey, claiming that it answered his questions. Is that for real?  See also page 76 of this pdf: .

    To answer those questions, we need to delve into the Qur'an, hadith, Sira and both Islamic and secular history.  Are you willing to do that and make a judgment based on evidence or are you a bigot?   If the video accurately depicts Moe as an impious false prophet and barbarian warlord who founded not a religion but a war machine disguised as a religion which has attacked America seeks our destruction and intends to attack again, could the video be a means of provoking us to discover the truth for ourselves by investigating the validity of its conceptual content?  What if the Muslims are coming and will keep on coming and the video is sounding a warning to alert us to impending danger? 

    Take a close, clear eyed look at the video, ignore the low production values and concentrate on the conceptual content.

Now examine the relevant evidence concerning the video's conceptual content: 

The relevant quotes are included in this blog post which provides the evidence of the video's veracity: .

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